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A New Standard for the Crypto Industry

Qeezi is first and foremost an educational resource aimed at combating the pump and dumps, rug pulls, and bot attacks that plague our vibrant Crypto investment sphere. The projects that gain the most investment should be those with the strongest team & mission – not those that pimp themselves the hardest through influencers and ads. We know that Crypto and Blockchain projects have the means to be so much more – but only if we establish a baseline for the industry, and educate people on how to safely use and invest in this in asset class.


Educational resources

Learn about key terms and processes, what to watch for in scams, and cool projects going on in Crypto.


Wallet and Exchange

Get your first wallet, or a new secure wallet, and buy and swap tokens through our trusted gateway partners.


Utility-based Ecosystem

Use our marketplace to sell your digital goods and accept crypto, or use our payment gateways on your own store.

Coming Soon: Mining

We're currently vetting existing miners and building new algorithms that will let you earn free crypto using your phone or computer's computing power


Qeezi is security and privacy first.

Only you have access to your wallet. 

Our exchange partners are vetted to ensure they are backed by top security protocol.

Remember to keep your secret wallet phrase secure! 

Coming Soon...
The Qeezi Token

Industry-Low FEes

The medium of exchange has to have low fees. We're making that a priority.

Low Volatility

We're pulling out all the stops to ensure that Qeezi has industry-low volatility. Be confident in the value of your money.

Real Use cases

You'll be able to make low-fee transfers, shop the Qeezi assorted merchants store, and pay for services - all with Qeezi Coin.

Qeezi App Store

Gain access to exclusive offers and crypto projects through the Qeezi App Store.

Qeezi is the wallet for not just the 3% of people in crypto, but for the 97% who aren’t. We’re dedicated to education, security, and transparency. We aim to launch an inclusive site that allows everyone to gain access to the tools and research they need to get started working with and investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

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